This is not really a “step by step” tutorial but this is how I make the notepads I’ve been blogging about lately.  Though you can find better tutorials elsewhere I’ve had a couple of requests so here goes:

Gather up your supplies…I use the following for my 4X5.5″ notepads but you can easily adjust the dimensions to fit the notepads that you wish to use.  I also like to make 4 notepads at a time:

Cardstock – one sheet will make two notepads but you’ll need some scrap pieces to mat your image and to make the band across the centre of the front.

Patterned paper – generally I use a piece of double-sided paper – more on that in a minute

Scor-tape or other strong double-sided tape.

scoring tool (I use a scor-it)

matted image of your choice to embellish the front.

glue or other adhesive to stick the patterned paper to the front of the notepad

notepad in size of choice.

pens/beads if making matching pens…I’ll share instructions on another day…I haven’t made my pens as of this posting!

As mentioned, I do 4 pads at a time but my instructions will be for one pad.  I’m using dollarama scratch pads which most Canadians should be able to find. 

The first step is to adhere scor-tape to the back of the notepads.  I make sure that the top and bottom tape are as close to the edge of the backing as possible.  You don’t have to be as fussy with the middle piece of tape:

The next step is to make the cardstock cover.  If you don’t mind that your cardstock is not guaranteed to fit properly over the notepad you could just cut the cardstock at 5 1/2″ x 8 3/8″ and score 4″ from each end.  If you want a more custom fit, cut a piece of cardstock so it measures 5 1/2 X 8 1/2″ .  Score at just over 4 inches on the long side (about 4 1/16″) and then score just over 1/4 inch from that score mark (about 3/16″).  The cardstock will look like this:

Wrap the cardstock around the notepad (don’t attach the pad yet!) and you’ll  see that one side is just barely overlapping the notepad which is fine but the other side has a larger overlap that needs trimming.  Carefully trim the longer side – I usually do this about 1/16 of an inch at a time.  Usually I have to remove about 1/8 of an inch but the notepads are surprisingly non-uniform so it pays to have that extra cardstock to play with. 

Once you’re satisfied with the fit, remove the backing on the scor-tape and attach the notepad to the cardstock. 

Cut a piece of double-sided patterned paper at 3 7/8″ by 5 3/8″.  Then cut that piece of paper at 3 inches on the long side so you have two pieces of paper – one measures 3 7/8″ X 2 3/8″ and the other measures 3 7/8″ X 3″.   The larger piece is the bottom paper on the front of your notepad.  I usually choose the more colourful pattern for the bottom piece unless I don’t like it very much.

Adhere the paper to the front of your notepad:

Cut a strip of carstock that is 1 inch  1/2″ wide and 4 inches long.  (I usually cut mine at 4 1/16″ and trim the end if necessary – it’s rarely necessary)  This is your centre band.  If you wish to emboss the strip or add stitching do so now.

Adhere the strip so it covers the join on the patterned paper:


Now the fun part!  Stamp and colour an image and then cut it out using nesties.  make a mat with the same colour cardstock you used to wrap the notebook and add the matted image with some dimensionals. 

That’s it!  If you’re still feeling crafty, make some matching beaded pens and package the notepad and pen up for an awesome handmade gift.