ETA:  Ladies, I appreciate all the comments on these invitations but I made them so long ago and don’t have a prototype to even begin to give you detailed instructions.  – Kelly

Ah, the invitations are complete.  Like so many card makers, mass production is not my favourite thing.  I like to make a new card/creation every time I steal away to my craft room.

However, sometimes mass production is a necessary evil…like when you’re making invitations.

I was asked to make invitations for a young girl’s birthday party.   Her mom has hired a company called Spalicious to come to her house and give the girls mini spa treatments.  One of the things they are having done is a manicure. (in appropriate pale pink colours)  After mulling it over for an evening, I decided to make nail polish bottle shaped invitations – not sure if I quite pulled it off but the mom was happy with the proto-type.  Here’s the (almost) finished product:

Does it look like a nail-polish bottle? (or close?)

I added a layer of vellum over the wording of the invitations to make it look like the words are under glass.  I still have to add a little bit of bling to the “Shhhhh, it’s a surprise” tag but wanted to get this up on the blog before the weekend was over.  I’ll do that once I finish posting this and just leave them to dry over night before delivering them to the poor mother who will be entertaining 8 giggling girls at a spa party which is followed by a sleepover!

You might have noticed in my banner that one bottle has different ribbon than the others.  That’s an extra invitation for the birthday girl to keep as a memento.  She has no idea what type of party her mom is having for her so she won’t get to see the invitations.  Even if she did get to see them I usually do make one extra invitation so the birthday girl can keep one if she’d like.   Here’s a group shot:

Off to add some bling to the invites!